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Dont you hate it when you sneeze and become Peter Capaldi?



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We should have a meetup at Gally for all of the people here for their first time (or not), that are here by themselves and having trouble making new friends.

I’ve been wandering around awkwardly trying to start conversations so far this weekend, but it seems like most people already have groups of friends and it’s a bit disheartening. There has to others like me here though.

So let’s meetup and make friends with each other! Anyone want to join me?

I made it to Gallifrey One! Enjoying the warmth and actual, proper sunshine even though I’m having to work from my hotel room on my day off :(

Hopefully I can join in the festivities soon, I’m looking forward to being part of such a large gathering of Whovians :)

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The Eighth Doctor in Doctor Who: The Movie

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A collection of facial expressions I enjoy greatly —> [15/?]

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The first and last time we saw the eleventh doctor.